• Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit and Deck ReplacementGolden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit and Deck Replacement

    The concrete was replaced with two preformed road sections laid on the exposed floor beams of the bridge structure and the road was widened by 24 inches. The replacement orthotropic surface is 40 percent lighter than the old concrete, and the steel supports of the new structure form the roadway itself. Each of the more than 750 20-ton highway panels and 325 sidewalk panels was individually designed for its particular location.

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  • Azmir MotorwayIzmir-Aydın Motorway and Izmir Ring Road

    Located in the Aegean region of Turkey and part of the Trans-European Road Network, the Izmir Ring Road Motorway project consists of the 53 km Ring Road and the 96 km Izmir-Aydın Motorway. This $1.06 billion project includes three lanes in each direction, secondary roads, junctions, and directional arms which total 333 km of road construction.

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  • Manapouri Second Tailrace TunnelManapouri Second Tailrace Tunnel

    Located in New Zealand, the Second Tailrace Tunnel was constructed to improve the efficiency of the Manapouri Power Station. This $212 million project enabled the generation of an additional 640 GWh a year without using more water – enough electricity to power about 64,000 homes for a year.

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  • Selatin TunnelThe 75th Anniversary Selatin Tunnel

    The 75th Anniversary Selatin Tunnel was the longest tunnel in Turkey when it was completed. Its twin bores are 3,018 m and 3,043 m long, 12 m wide and 4.80 m high, and carry three lanes of traffic in both directions.

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Other Projects

  • Los Angeles County Metro Red Line Construction, Los Angeles, California USA
  • City of Los Angeles Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade, Los Angeles, California USA
  • Izmir-Aydın Motorway and Izmir Ring Road, Turkey
  • Sakara Airbase Management and Maintenance Project, Egypt
  • Sakara Airbase Construction, Egypt
    DCII built two runways (main and secondary); a main taxiway, and 70 taxi tracks; two high speed entrances; a 15 km perimeter road; 35 shelters; six missile storage facilities; an F-16 work rack; fire station; water plant; power plant; accommodation area; and administration buildings training centers.
  • Second Manapouri Tailrace Tunnel Project, New Zealand
  • Canal Cities Water and Wastewater Improvement Project, Suez Special Services, Egypt
  • Yushno Office Complex, Russian Federation
  • Torara Dam, Peru
  • Samar Highway, Philippines, Sagana Highway, Kenya
  • US Consulate Building Restoration, Cuba
  • USA Embassy, Singapore
  • General Santos Airport, Philippines
    Paved runway, taxiway, apron, 6.7 km access road, vehicular parking area, passenger terminal building, cargo facilities, ancillary buildings, fueling system, all-support facilities, lighting and navigational aids, and other airport operations and maintenance equipment.
  • Thumrait Air Force Base, Oman
  • USA Embassy, Bogota, Colombia
  • USA Embassy, La Paz, Bolivia
  • Cerillos Dam, Puerto Rico
    98 m high; 474 m wide; capacity of 59.1 million m3 for flood control. Also provides an estimated 83,000 m3/day drinking water through a 434 m long by 6 m wide tunnel at the dam base.
  • Madura Oya Canal, Sri Lanka
    More than 130 km of concrete-lined canals and several small dams and other structures for an irrigation system
  • Tarbela Dam, Pakistan
    Largest earth-filled dam in the world with a volume of 106,000,000 m3
    143 m high and 2,743 m wide with a reservoir capacity of 13.69 km3
  • Masirah Island Airbase, Oman