About Us

About Dillingham

Dillingham Construction International Inc. (DCII), is one of the preeminent construction and engineering firms in the world, with an unparalleled commitment to technical excellence. Based in Ponca City, Oklahoma USA, we specialize in building complex structures and installing sophisticated computerized systems.

DCII’s expertise was first honed in the late 1930s while working through the intense heat and volcanic grit of the remote Pacific atolls. During the 1940s, in the midst of WWII with limited manpower, shortage of materials and accelerated schedules, DCII helped build 28 air bases across the South Pacific. Today, our presence has expanded into nearly every corner of the world. We’ve successfully completed extensive and complex projects in climates ranging from deserts to rainforests to steep mountain terrain and tropical jungles. Through wartime and in peace, no matter how remote the project, our teams have successfully negotiated major purchases and established staging areas and delivery routes that assured efficiency and the availability of manpower and materials.

Some of our more recent projects have included roads and tunnels in Turkey, Kenya and the Philippines; military airbases and civilian airports in Egypt, Oman and the Philippines; a power plant tailrace tunnel in New Zealand; and embassies in Columbia, Bolivia and Singapore.

DCII is committed to community involvement in the communities where we live and in the countries where we work. When we complete a project, we leave more than just a structure. Wherever and whenever possible, we train local nationals in the technical and building trades required by the project. This fosters a surge of local pride and mutual goodwill and provides employable skills that remain in the host country.

Dillingham Construction International Incorporated's Global Locations:

  • North America: Dillingham Construction International Incorporated, Ponca City, Oklahoma
  • Europe/Near East: Dillingham Construction International Incorporated, Ankara, Turkey
  • Africa: Dillingham Construction International Incorporated, Cairo, Egypt
  • Middle East: Dillingham Construction International Incorporated, Muscat, Oman
  • South Pacific: Dillingham Construction International Incorporated, Manila, Philippines
  • Australia/New Zealand: Dillingham Construction International Incorporated, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Far East: Dillingham Construction International Incorporated, Victoria City, Hong Kong


  • Verndell Gildhouse
  • Verndell H. Gildhouse
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Lieutenant-Colonel, U.S. Army-Retired, Verndell has lived in Turkey for more than 30 years. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago in Near East and Turkish studies. Before becoming CEO of Dillingham Construction International Incorporated, he worked for 14 years as the business manager and Turkish country representative for DCll’s motorway project.

  • Sharon Merrill
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Sharon lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prior to joining DCII, she spent five years in Turkey teaching primary, middle and high school before returning to the States to study law at Florida International University in Miami. While in law school, Sharon worked for DCII’s American law firm. She now travels the world for DCII overseeing contracts and visiting jobsites.

  • Ellen V. Cline
  • Ellen V. Cline
  • Company Security Officer
  • Prior to joining DCII, Ellen retired from the US Army as a CW5 Warrant Officer with a career spanning more than 30 years as a Security and Communications expert in personnel, physical and communications security. During her long and distinguished military career, she served 15 years internationally working for NATO in the field of Crypto Security. In addition to her many, diverse security certifications, Ellen has completed a Masters of Applied Linguistics program of study.